Covid-19; Mubs Cancels Exams over Surge in Cases

Makerere University Business School has concealed it’s end-of-semester examination till further notice following the increase in Covid-19 cases around the campus. This was through a communication from the University principal, Prof. Waswa Balunywa.
“We have continued to receive information regarding numerous cases of coronavirus infections amongst students and staff. This is therefore to inform you that the forthcoming examinations are cancelled until further notice”. Prof. Waswa Balunywa said.
This follows his communication earlier week where he said he was going to send a team to inspect hostels following reports that students where falling sick of Covid-19.
“We have reports of @OfficialMubs students falling sick in hostels as you may note in Social Media starting last Sunday. We have been to the Hostels establishing what is on the ground. Right now as I write a team is inspecting several hostels,” he said.
“Fortunately govt has requested us to give a report on the status of the problem for possible guidance On the way ahead. If there is no stabilization of situation we may have to delay exams so as to safeguard health of both students and staff,” he added.
“I urge all staff to stay home unless you have to be at the Campus. All heads of Units please ensure you are in touch with your staff to monitor our general health status. Head of Unit should indicate who should be in office as we observe trend of the pandemic,” he added

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