Covid-19 drives Greenhill Academy into a two weeks lockdown

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City-based Greenhill Academy has been driven into a two weeks lockdown due to the increasing number of students affected by the deadly coronavirus.

The school admissions made the information known through a 31st May dated letter which was posted on their social media platform. The letter was signed by the school’s head teacher Mr. Wilberforce Kamengo.

In this letter, he informed that the school had registered cases of covid-19 at the time when the Ministry of health warned about the presence of the new variant within the country especially in regions of Kampala and Mukono.

Therefore, the school administration decided that the best way to ensure that the number of people that are affected do not infect others is by temporary closing down the school until it is in a better position to run.

“We have registered a few confirmed cases and as a result, we are sending students home for two weeks to curb the contagious nature of the variant and as well disinfect the school environment,” read the letter in part.

In the same letter, he informed that while the school is under key and lock, online learning shall proceed to ensure that the school does not waste more time on top of the one wasted during the lockdown.

“Meanwhile, we will conduct online classes for senior one and senior two beginning Friday, June 4, 2021. You are encouraged to remain vigilant about the new variant by observing all the established standard operating procedures,” Kamengo further stated.

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Reporting for students is set for 13 June and 14 June for boarding and day students respectfully.

Aside from Greenhill Academy, Kyambogo University was also locked down due to the increasing number of covid-19 cases as the university had at the time registered eight cases including six students and two administrative staff.

Immediately after the announcement was made, students took to the streets citing weaknesses of the online system such as poor network and insufficient data as limiting to the usage of the online study.

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