Covid-19 Deaths in Uganda exceed 1,000

Following the confirmation of 34 new deaths yesterday evening, the countries’ Covid-19 deaths exceeded 1,000 by 23 deaths as per Ministry of Health statistics.

Also, 543 new cases of coronavirus disease were confirmed among the tests that were taken which therefore brought the total cumulative number of covid-19 cases among Ugandans upto 79,977 as of 28th June.

These overwhelming numbers have been recorded during the second wave of Covid-19 which the country has been battling with forcing the president to put the country under mandatory lockdown for 42 days.

However, it is believed that the surge in the number of people dying from Covid-19 is a result of the increasing drop in adherence to the Standard Operating Procedures instilled by government to curb the spread of the virus.

In the president’s last address, also said the country was in an oxygen shortage which therefore worsened the situation. Despite the fact that the country has oxygen,, thee are no cylinders in which the oxygen will be stored.

He also promised that government would surely do her best to ensure that oxygen is availed for patients majorly to ensure a limit on the numbers of people dying due to oxygen insufficiency.

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In the same light, he said this shortage would proceed especially if Ugandans did not follow the Standard Operating Procedures and many of them continued to contract the deadly Covid-19.

“With the estimated Covid-19 patient increase in the coming weeks, the daily oxygen consumption will rise to 25,800 cylinders per day in one month, unless we change the course. This is nearly a 9 -fold increase in the overall national oxygen requirement.” warned the head of state.

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