Court to lead on AIGP Bangirana case one week from now

Court to lead on AIGP Bangirana case one week from now. The Civil Division of the High Court in Kampala has fixed the date for giving a decision on the application where a concerned resident appealed to the court looking for a transitory request against police manager Assistant Inspector General of police Godfrey Bangirana to move to one side.

A concerned resident, Isaac Maddo hauled Bangirana mutually with the Attorney General who is the central government legal advisor looking for an impermanent request driving Bangirana to abandon office until the primary case is discarded.

On Thursday, Justice Henrietta Wolayo acknowledged engaging a barrier out of time by the Attorney General in respects of the application.

Court to lead on AIGP Bangirana case one week from now
Court to lead on AIGP Bangirana case one week from now

With all due respect, the Attorney General spoke to by State Attorney. Josephine Kiyingi said the application has gone through various occasions after July 19, 2019 letter. However, the Internal Affairs Permanent Secretary permitted AIGP Bangirana to remain in office. Has the matter of expansion of his agreement is in the process for approval purposes.

Similarly, Justice Wolayo said she would convey her decision one week from now on the application for a brief request.

AIGP Godfrey Bangirana, the Policy Director responsible for Engineering and Logistics. He hauled to court for declining to clear office after the expiry of his agreement.

In a suit where the Attorney General recorded as a respondent, Isaac Maddo. He tends to call himself as a Ugandan of sound personality says Bangirana’s proceeded to remain in office. Therefore, after the expiry of his term is illicit and unlawful the court needs to arrange for his excursion.

“They proceeded with receipt of compensation and remittances continuously litigant (Bangirana). However, while in the workplace is unlawful and wastage of government assets and the court should arrange. He to discount every one of the payments got after the expiry of his agreement,” Maddo says in his suit.

Following the expiry of Bangirana’s agreement in July 2019. In addition, the Inspector General of Police, Martin Okoth Ochola requested him to hand over keys and empty office. However, the Internal Affairs Permanent Secretary requested that he remain in office until the Police chamber in respects of his agreement is declared.

Maddo said a disappointment by the Attorney General to exhort the Permanent Secretary on his mandate to Bangirana was unlawful.

“The activities by the Attorney General by neglecting to prompt the Permanent Secretary and other government organs. With respect to the issue comprised a rupture of his obligation to the administration and people in general.”

“The subsequent respondent’s proceeded to remain in office is unlawful and illicit. In other words, this suit is to vindicate the standard of law and get the unlawful lead halt.”

In his suit, Maddo needs the court to arrange for AIGP Bangirana’s excursion of office. Over discounting all the pay and payments got since the expiry of his agreement.

Mabirizi says despite everything he needs Shs95M for his age limit case at the East African Court of Justice

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