Court prepared to rule on businessman Ssebuwufu Muhammed’s judgment

Court prepared to rule on businessman Muhammed Ssebuwufu judgment

Kampala-based Court of Appeal has informed that it is set to rule on businessman Ssebuwufu Muhammed’s appeal to his 40-year jail sentence.

This message was passed by a panel of three judges in the Court of Appeal including Catherine Bamugemereire, Christopher Madtama, and Fredrick Egonda as they said they would base on written submissions from the defendant and plaintiff as they said;

“We have adopted the written submissions by both parties. We will deliver the ruling on notice.”

The appeal is based on a 2019 judgement in which Muhammed Ssebuwufu was convicted for murder of a one Dinah Betty Katushabe who was kidnapped and subsequent killed from previously Pine car bond found along Lumumba Avenue.

Court was presented with evidence showing that Katushabe had an over due debt of Shs 9 millions a balance on a car she had bought from Ssebufu’s car bond which lead to her kidnapp and later murder.

The victim was tortured within the confines of the car bond and due to the massive injuries she sustained, she ended up dying as her body could not withstand the intensity of the wounds.

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Due to this, Muhammed Ssebuwufu and seven others of his accomplices were convicted on the grounds of kidnap, aggravated robbery and murder.

This group has now appealed to the court of appeal on grounds that they duration of convict is a lot hence they pledge for an over turn in the judgement since they believe that High Court’s conviction was wrong.

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