Confirmed: Feffe Bussi roasting Karole Kasita’s B£aN$

It has been confirmed by reliable sources how rapper Feffe Bussi is the one harvesting dancehall singer, Karole Kasita’s beans.

According to information released by YouTuber Sean Musa Carter the pair are in a serious relationship.

In the coversations released, the two singers can be heard referring to each other as babe.

The conversation between them extends further with the Balance singer asking Feffe Bussi if she can go and spend the night at his place.

The Mbozzi ye Gulu singer tells her its fine she can go.

Karole at one point asks Feffe if he received the Marijuana she gifted him.

Feffe says that he didn’t to which a disappointed Karole replies that she feels bad he didn’t.

The two then inform each other how they will miss themselves once Karole is gone for a scheduled performance.

The dancehall singer at even one point in another leaked phone call talks to Bebe Cool’s wife Zuena Kirema making a cake order.

When Zuena tells her she can’t, a disappointed Karole pleads to get one for her man, Feffe Bussi.

The two have been in a serious relationship for more than a year now.

They are even slated to hold a Kukyala ceremony and legalize their relationship.

Here is the full conversation below from Sean MusaCarter:

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