City Tycoon Lwasa Emmanuel spills all Diana Nabatanzi’s secrets

Lwasa Emmanuel video spills all Dianah Nabatanzi

If you are a real social media in-law, then I am pretty sure you are very well versed with the story of city tycoon Lwasa Emmanuel and Diana Nabatanzi. These have been trending on all different social media platforms… Well to cut the whole story short, Emmanuel Lwasa was recently introduced by his baby mama Angel after he had sent his side chic Diana Nabatanzi to Dubai…

According to credible sources, he never wanted Diana Nabatanzi to interrupt his bae’s introduction ceremony. However, due to pressure from journalists, Lwasa Emmanuel could not hold it anymore. Therefore he spilled all his secrets with BBS TV presenter Diana… Also he revealed that Diana has a demon of poverty inside her…

Surpeisingly, he did all this LIVE on camera assuring her that she is not the type of woman he deserves… Therefore issued a very tough warning to her telling her that she is not sweeter than his official baby Mama Angel…

Lwasa Emmanuel spills all Diana Nabatanzi

“Don’t talk about Nabatanzi here……I want to assure her, or I want you people who will see her to tell her that now I only have time for Angel only,” Lwasa Emmanuel said.

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“She has manners more than those other women I’ve been with. I was giving them everything, I cared about them but still they don’t know who Lwasa is. I’ve observed her for five months and realized that she has manners than the others”- he added.

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