Christine Nampeera DJ Roja’s sister adult videos surface 

Hmm what a year it has been seriously. A year we won’t forget at all.
 But what has stood out is the food our beautiful women have fed to us this year.
Imagine vidoe after video from these Curvy, slim, fat small tall short, brown amd black women.
We are known for some of the most beautiful women and boy oh boy they haven’t let us rest at all feeding is on their succulent sumbies.
With some even going as far as circulating their videos while chewing the forbidden fruit.
As we are about to close the year down, many videos are still surfacing.
And guess what whose video is now making rounds.
It’s none other than Christine Nampeera who is a sister to famous DJ Roja who works with NBS TV.
Our snoops landed on two videos made by an alleged Nampeera .
These seem to have been recorded on 2020 just when the COVID-19 pandemic had just fallen upon Uganda.
She can be seen in these videos taking a shower and showing off her gigantic goodies.
She goes ahead to romance her big bangers in the chest as she parades her fat ass-ets down there.
After all this, she then turns around and releases her tongue which she teasingly brings out like she wants to lick it before wetting her  fingers inside her mouth.
Well the face and size exactly looks like her although we can’t clarify if she’s the one.
And it’s not clear how these ended up in the hands of the public.

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