Cholera outbreak hits Refugee camps, 8 dead, over 320 hospitalised

An outbreak of cholera in Hoima district has left 8 people dead and more than 320 others infected hospitalised.

The reported areas are Rwenyawawa village in Kyangwali sub-county and Sebigoro landing site in Kabwoya sub-county.

These two are occupied by immigrants from Democratic republic of Congo over political and tribal insurgences.

Over 43,000 Congolese refugees are anticipated to have entered Uganda for relief.


Some of the refugee settlement camps in Hoima district occupied by Congolese. Net Photo


Dr Fred Kugonza, the Hoima district disease surveillance officer, confirmed that cholera symptoms like high fever, vomiting and diarrhea were observed to the deceasesd persons.

He however, said that they have created isolation centers in the reported areas of Rwenyawawa village and Sebigoro landing site in Kabwoya sub-county along Lake Albert to manage the situation.

According to him samples from some of the patients have been dispatched to the central government analytical laboratory for testing.

Health authorities in the region have warned that the situation is likely to deteriorate during the rainy season given the sorry state of Congolese refugee settlement camps in Uganda.

Meanwhile in Hoima district where the case of cholera is reported, the health officials have banned selling of cooked food on the streets saying this is aimed at containing further spread of the highly infectious disease.

Cholera is an acute contagious disease usually transmitted through the consumption of contaminated food and water.

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