Cheating on Rickman: Sheila Gashumba exposed

All seems not to be well in the paradise of Sheila Gashumba and boyfriend Rickman.

This is if the latest allegations against Sheila Gashumba by social media blogger Ritah Kaggwa are true.

Ritah through her Snapchat launched a seething attack on Sheila Gashumba exposing all her whoring business.

The UK based blogger said that Sheila does not love Rickman but just uses him for publicity stunts.

She further revealed how she has video evidence of Sheila Gashumba bonking Uganda Boxing Federation president Moses Muhangi in a car.

Ritah said that this video was recorded by Sheila’s friends who were standing outside the car.

She also alleged that whenever Sheila goes down to South Africa, she’s boned by her ex, Face Off.

The motor mouthed blogger also accused Sheila of always engaging in threesomes with different men whenever she travels to Dubai.

“You travel to South Africa to sleep with Face Off. I even have a video of you in a car engaging in intercourse with Moses Muhangi. It was your friends you were with that recorded you who were standing outside. Whenever you go to Dubai, you engage in intercourse with different men. You are a very dirty girl and I have all the evidence to pin you. You don’t love Rickman but just front him for publicity stunts,” Ritah Kaggwa said in a Snapchat video.

Sheila is close friends with Bad Black who is a sworn enemy of Ritah Kaggwa.

The NBS After 5 presenter however hasn’t come out yet to reply back at these allegations.

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