Chameleon’s a disgrace to his age -Dj Jacob Omutuze

Dembe FM presenter Dj Jacob Omutuze has come out to attack Leone Island boss Chameleon saying the singer is a disappointment according to his age.

Many people especially those siding with Bobi wine’s camp are currently coming out to attack Chameleon.

This is after he led musicians over the weekend to meet with Gen Salim Saleh as they seek to get financial assistance after being on a lockdown for almost two years now.

Bobi wine took to his Facebook page to label this group of musicians as group of beggars and a disappointment.

It’s from this that Dj Jacob Omutuze while appearing on Urban TV also criticized the Valu valu singer.

Jacob said that Chameleon should have taken a lesson from Tanzania’s Diamond Platinumz who has made an impact on himself and the community at large yet he’s been around for a shorter period of time.

“At his age and experience, Jose Chameleon should be owning a record label and at least a charity organization to help the needy. With the few years that he’s been in the industry, Diamond Platinumz already owns these. It is really absurd that Chameleon with the years he has been at the top of the industry, he’s a beggar today.” Jacob said.

The radio presenter added that unlike Platinumz who planned his earning from music, Chameleon and his colleagues blew their money on women and luxury.

He further said that if he’s lucky and gets some money from Gen Saleh, he should use it wisely to plan for his old age.

Chameleon has though reiterated severally that the aim of meeting Gen Saleh is not for personal benefit but rather the entire industry.

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