Chameleone’s parents share their opinions on his death will

Some time last month, the Leone Island Dr Jose Chameleone while appearing on NBS TV revealed how he wants his burial to be conducted.

Chameleone said that he wants to be buried in a glass casket and white coat.

This is to enable the large multitudes of people that will come to bury him from different areas across the planet to see him well.

The Valu valu singer also said that promoters can book his burial while he’s still alive because it will be bigger than some concerts.

His father Gerald Mayanja while at Mowzey Radio’s memorial service in Kagga, Nakawuka said that he is yet to receive his son’s will.

He however respects whichever decision he makes because he’s a fully grown man.

Chameleone’s mother Prossy Mayanja on the other hand said that she endorses whatever her son wants to do.

Mukyala Mayanja also requested fans to stop disrespecting these musicians when they are still alive but celebrate them massively when they die.

She termed this as hypocrisy citing the case of Radio who was mocked while alive but is now a national hero in his death.

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