Chameleone says that he’s bringing a helicopter soon

Leone Island Music Empire CEO Dr Jose Chameleone has revealed that he’s soon bringing in a helicopter into the country.

The self styled music doctor who recently had social media up blazing and raging after being gifted a Range Rover by President Museveni’s brother revealed this during an interview with a local TV.

The Kipepewo singer said that those who were furious that he was given a car might have to hang this time round.

Chameleone who is famous for being given free things revealed indeed that a friend of his in Kenya promised to give him the helicopter.

“People are angry that I was given a car, but I am afraid, they’re going to visit their ancestors once I get other good things. A friend of mine is Kenya promised to give me a helicopter. Imagine what will happen on social media,” Chameleone revealed.

He went ahead to say that it’s his generosity that sees him also being given back.

Chameleone said that he’s still in talks with officials at Kajjansi airstrip to authorise him for landing.

“I am in talks with authorities at Kajjansi airstrip and once we agree, I will get it.” he added.

It should he recalled that after receiving the Range Rover, Chameleone gave his Toyota V8 car to his young brother, Weasel.

The V8 had also been gifted to him by a South Sudanese female fan.

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