Chameleone says he was using NUP as he returns to NRM

“I talked to him about his public image which the public and us very well know has always not been so good,” were close to the words Bobi Wine told Chameleone when the later visited him at his home in Magere shortly after joining NUP.

Probably Bobi Wine knew Chameleone better and that’s why he didn’t front him so much in the politics of the young NUP party.

The Leone Island boss just proved that he changes unexpectedly just like his stage name after heading back to NRM.

This was after being gifted a brand new Range Rover sport ahead of his album release titled King Joseph.

Chameleone said that he was just using the likes of NUP and DP to further his political career but his life is yellow in and out.

“I have never opted out of NRM. I just joined the other parties such as DP and NUP for my personal different missions. They however didn’t become successful so now I’m glad to be back home,” Chameleone said.

This was much to the disappointment of some of his followers who thought he was in the struggle while others welcomed the idea.

It should be recalled that Chameleone after being denied the NUP mayoral ticket, he started distancing himself from the party slowly.

He recently clashed with Bobi Wine on social media after Chameleone called the artistes who went to meet General Salim Saleh in Gulu as beggars.

These were led by Chameleone who in turn said that Bobi Wine was the first to go to Gulu and he has not helped the music industry through his political career.

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