Chameleone issues statement on his recent impasse with URA

Jose Chameleone

Joseph Mayanja alias Dr. Jose Chameleone has issued a statement about his recent impasse with Uganda Revenue Authority (URA). Below is what he posted on his social media page.

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Dear all,
The media is awash with news and videos circulating, involving me and the URA enforcement officers. Let me make some clarifications.

1. On 12th April – Easter Sunday, while en-route to BBS TV, I was intercepted by the URA enforcement at the entrance of Masengere.

2. It was less than 15 minutes to my appearance on the live TV show – EASTER CAMUKA – to which I later appeared. Because of the anxiety at that moment, I got engaged in a regrettable exchange with the URA team.

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3. The URA team demanded for papers of my car (which were not in with me at the time), and I felt it could have waited, the rest is history.
I wish to state, that as a person, in my celebrity capacity and as a leader, I have values I stand for, and I get disappointed every time I fail on them, just like that time. Therefore, for all of you my people who felt that I fell below your expectations, I’m sorry. I’m just human.

Jose Chameleone
Jose Chameleone aka Joseph Mayanja’s Land Cruiser

4. On 13th April 2020 – Easter Monday – we handed over the car to URA for scrutiny as requested. I, Jose Chameleone have assured them cooperation of our highest regard in their process of scrutiny.

5. To enable this, I and my team are in contact with the URA to ensure that this impasse is resolved amicably and all dues are paid accordingly after verification and assessment.

6. Many people are concerned about the background voice in the Video as my car was being taken for verification that seems to sound like my friend, Balaam’s voice. I’ve played and replayed the video, and I think I will make a statement after a word with Balaam to understand his actions. For now, I can only say that as a key player in the music industry, he should be more careful next time.

7. Lastly, I assure you, all my fans and supporters, that I’m fine and enduring the lockdown. Let’s be calm, and continue observing the regulations as given by the World health organization and government. In the meantime, I will continue working on more great Music.

May God Bless you.

Jose Chameleone.
15 / April / 2020

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