Chameleone calls Bobi Wine selfish

Leone Island boss Jose Chameleone has come out to label his on and off friend Bobi Wine as a selfish person.

This was after Bobi Wine a few weeks ago labeled musicians who went to Gulu to meet General Saleh as beggars.

Bobi Wine went ahead to say that these musicians know very well that the music industry was locked because of his threat to the government.

The ghetto gladiator added that when he called upon these musicians to his rescue, they all remained silent.

Chameleone however while responding to Kyagulanyi said that he should politicizing everything.

The Kipepewo singer said that there are many singers such as Clever J, Junior Pliers who are also facing a lot of problems.

Therefore Bobi Wine should stop being inconsiderate and know that there are others undergoing the same problems.

“What I want to advise my brother Bobi Wine is that he should know even other artists have problems. He should not have called us beggars because he doesn’t know what took to us to Gulu. He says that he called upon us when he was banned from singing and we didn’t respond. The same way he took to his Facebook to call us beggars is the same way he would have called us to rally behind him.” Chameleone said.

The Leone island boss added that it was completely disrespectful for Bobi wine to refer to them as beggars since this is the industry that birthed him to what he is now.

Chameleone also tasked Bobi Wine to come and help artistes or else stop politicizing the music industry.

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