Chameleon loves rough sex- shocking details revealed

Leone island boss has found his name in the mix of arguments he ought not to have been but whatever is done in the night is revealed during day.

A one Nantaza Rahaba came out this week on NBS’ Uncut show to tell how she’s being stalked by comedian Madrat of the duo Madrat and Chiko.

Rabaha said that she dated with Madrat some time back but broke up because of the comedian’s unbecoming behavior.

She went ahead to say that Madrat has gone ahead to stalk and harass her in her new relationships before she finally revealed that she’s in love with NTV presenter Daggy Nice.

She further said that she’s the one who’s been giving Madrat money to look after his family and also displayed mobile money messages of Ugx 30,000 she’s been receiving from Madrat without asking for it.

However, a friend to Nanteza came out in a Facebook video to warn Nanteza to stop mudslinging celebrities after sleeping with them.

Nabadda said that she was with Nanteza when Madrat warned her to stay off him.

Madrat told her that he has a wife and all the things she talks about him go straight to the wife.

Nabadda further added that Nanteza has a habit of sleeping around with celebrities and goes ahead telling everyone who cares to listen.

That’s when she said that Nanteza told them how she had slept with Chameleon for Ugx 500,000 and the Vumilia singer loves rough sex.

“Nanteza first of all you don’t like bathing and you sell yourself because before lockdown you were selling yourself from Munyonyo and after you came to live with me. You have a habit of going around sleeping with celebrities then after you tell everyone and put everything on your WhatsApp status. I remember Madrat clearly telling you to leave him alone because he has a wife. You also told us how you slept with Chameleon and said that he loves rough sex of spanking and strangling.”

Nabadda went ahead to say that Nanteza’s claims of looking after Madrat and his family were false because she has no business and only leaves in friend’s homes.

She said that the spare parts shop she claims to own in Mukono belongs to an ex who kicked her out while the boutique in Najjera she said is hers belongs to her friends.

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