Canary Mugume lost in the Canary islands of love

Actually he did not get lost but he’s drowning and please don’t accuse him yet of owning the Canary Islands or having got them from President Museveni.

What I actually mean is that he’s been out of reach ever since he got wedded to his highschool sweetheart Sasha Ferguson over the weekend.

Not even Twitter where he’s a regular with constant tweets.

Many thought that he would be giving constant updates about the President’s address yesterday about COVID 19 but he was no where to be seen.

A follower told him how he misses his constant updates and Canary said that he’s been out of the social media world and didn’t even know there was a presidential address.

The NBS TV news Ani continues to enjoy his honeymoon with his wife.

He even took to his Instagram to reveal how he has purely intentions for her and he’s glad that she knows that.

All the best Canary in your new chapter with your beautiful wife.

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