Cafesserie Acacia Mall are racists – Sheilah Gashumba

Socialite Sheilah Gashumba has come out to brand Cafesserie located at Acacia Mall as racists.

According to Sheilah the workers there have no customer care especially in the morning since their bosses aren’t around.

Besides, Ugandan workers choose white clients over Ugandan clients. Its also mandatory for black clients to be putting on masks which is not the same case for white clients.

Sheilah’s revelation brought in a number of mixed reactions. Some agreed with her while others said that she’s only tainting someone’s business.

Her fellow NBS journalist Samson Kasumba revealed that he’s ever been to the place and he received top class service.

“I think you’re wrong here.


actually have the best customer care service I was there with family and they attended to us in the best way and we ain’t whites stop spoiling people’s brands because you represent other’s. This should stop

@SheilahGashumba,” one user said.

“And please note this black white thing does not stop in Uganda …. You need to visit some restaurants in Dubai or Europe most especially Germany with black girls working as bar tenders or restaurants attendants you will stop complaining. Some of us twaguma,” a user said.

“What is this


? You are demonizing a man’s business on social media because they told you to put in a mask? When did masks become tools of discrimination? Ugandans we need to grow, and start focusing our energy in real issues!” Abother said.

“Ugandans(some) don’t tip the waiters while white(most) tip the waiters. It’s a means of survival since most of their daily expenses are met by tips from clients. This is where you have to draw the line . Even if it were you. Again move with your mask just for entry purposes!!!!”

“This has happened to me soo many times.”

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