Bugiri man arrested for killing his two children and severely injuring a neighbor

SOPs - Bugiri man arrested for killing his two children and severely injuring a neighbor

A 23-year old man in Bugiri district has been arrested for allegedly killing his two children on Friday night.

The accused, identified as Fred Kibete hails from Buduma A village in Muwayo town council, Bugiri district, and is accused of taking the lives of his two children. The children have been identified as Elvin Mwoyi, a five-year-old and Lavinda Yokiti, a three-year-old.

Reports indicate that the tragic incident occured at around 8:00pm when the single father with a machete beheaded both his children and after commiting the atrocity, he tried to flee from the hands of justice.

Aside from the children, Anthony Massete, one of the accused’s neighbors was also cut in the neck on the fatefull night however, he was able to escape the incident with severe injuries that he currently is nursing at Bugiri general hospital.

Rodgers Nyongesa, the LC I Chairperson says that if it had not been for the police intervention on time, Kibete was bound to have been killed by the angry mob that pounced on him to teach him a lesson of his life.

“The situation turned chaotic as residents wanted to kill him too however, police officers contained the mob and managed to peacefully transfer the suspect to the police station,” informed the LC I.

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Currently, the suspect is being detained at the Bugiri Central Police Station as he awaits justice as informed by the Busoga East Police Spokesperson James Mubi. He also went on to inform that the reasons behind his actions are yet to be ascertained as the suspect is under investigation.

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