Bugingo has a demon of adultery in him – Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga

Makerere Kavule Christan Life based church head pastor Jackson Ssenyonga has come out to show his disgust for fellow Pastor, Aloysius Bugingo’s actions.

Pastor Bugingo and his girlfriend Susan Makula over the weekend did an introduction that has been on everyone’s lips.

However not everyone was happy with the Canaan land pastor over his actions including Ssenyonga.

Pastor Ssenyonga through his Sunday church service sermon criticised Bugingo saying that he has a fornication demon in him.

The Top radio and TV owner said that Bugingo even got to a point of burning Bible’s because he didn’t like the truth embedded in them.

“What your doing is prostitution. A man who claims to be a pastor can’t file for a divorce unless he has different spirits in him forcing him to do what he is doing. Filing for a divorce with a wife immediately shows you’re a prostitute. The Bible even states clearly that a couple can only divorce in case of infidelity. He however moved to another relationship when there wasn’t infidelity and in this case he’s still doing it,” pastor Ssenyonga said.

Makerere Community Church Pastor Martin Ssempa on the other hand said that the likes of Bugingo are the reason why pastors are now a laughing stock.

This is because they contradict what they and the Bible teaches.

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