“Bryan white is on nitrogen, not oxygen” – Bad Black confirms

bad black and bryan white

When Bad black came out and first accused Bryan white of faking illness exposing him in a video where she appeared to be drunk, everybody was like it was not her talking and that it was alcohol or the wine she was taking but when she got sobber, she was invited live on a show and the words she said while drunk the night she made the video appeared unchanged. She still claims the bag of bones money lord is acting a scene and that in actual life and truth, Bryan White is hale and hearty.

Fortebet Uganda

Bad black is known for her arrogance and ruthlessness in the way she talks and addresses certain topics or issues but days after her visit to Bryan White’s house, she has made Ugandans have mixed feelings about the situation Mr. Kirumira Brian is in and that has sparked the word that was moving around the streets that indeed Bryan White is faking this whole thing.

While speaking to NBS and Sanyuka TV’s most viewed evening show “Uncut” the following confabulation took place. The interviewer started by indulging her into a flashback where he reminded her how she cried when she last visited Bryan White to which she affirmed saying he was on nitrogen and that she also saw Stella at his bedside treating him wearing a 2 piece so she got touched.

city socialite Bryan White
Uganda’s City Socialite Bryan White

He asked her about the connection between them (Her and Bryan) and she openly said, “Jaja Mwami is my Ex, He is my one night stand Ex because we had s3x once, he helped and gave me money and I washed my self clean so he became my friend So I went when all people had trashed him, and yeah I went to see him.”

The interviewer then cut in again asking Sharon or Bad black to elaborate more about Bryan white and her being Exes to which she replied saying, “Haaaaa, now I had a friend of mine I had known for a very long time Eddy Kirabila, he is the one that rung me for that deal because the rich man (Bryan) wanted to see the celebrity (me) so we had it, he appreciated my services and in the morning he gave me 300 US Dollars and also bought me an iPhone.”

After a clean introduction to the story, the interviewer threw it to Bad black this way, ” So what is Bryan White suffering from exactly?” he asked and she then started bringing out the major answers and reasons you have opened this story, she said;
“Jaja Mwami, the truth is he has depression, Cambodia, and stress, the rest of the things claimed, no Jaja Mwami or Bryan White is not sick. The whole act that Bryan white put on that he was dying, the stomach, I was so emotionally attached and I said Ahh Ahh let’s help Jaja Mwami (Bryan White) because I was feeling broken and torn apart but then Jaja Mwami hit himself with the ball and he died in his own drama. He played Rich game.”

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When she was asked where the real problem emanated from, Bad black narrated saying Bryan White asked her to do everything possible to help him and so she called all the generals because the have her numbers, she says she begged and did various things in the name of desiring Bryan White to leave his sickbed and also to help the sick fellow because the fact was he didn’t have money.

bad black
Honey pot seller Bad Black

“Now Jaja Mwami realized that the thing had gone viral, we were live and the world was watching, to my surprise, the Jaja Mwami a sick person who is even on Oxygen used the phone and rung. He is the same person lying down in his sitting room, the same person I was told he can’t even sit down.

( In the phone call) his voice very clear and he said ‘No, of course, I spoke to her and allowed her but all I wanted was money for passion fruits,’ but the money for passion fruits Ugandans of course as you know me with the dilemmas I get mixed up with, no one can trust and say it’s true (she is soliciting money for that) because some were asking but is it true that he is sick and others were telling me, No Bryan white is bedridden because he no longer has money.

So after speaking to Richie, Richie called and Bryan said he only talked about money for passion fruits but sincerely why would that man want to drink passion fruits in bed yet we have hospitals here and by the way, we should get money and help Bryan white otherwise he is going to run even mental.”

Bad black continues to narrate that by the time she decided to face the camera, she had permission from Bryan White to do so but that when he saw the things going viral, he feared losing his image as a rich man. When asked about how much she had collected so far she replied in a higher tone saying;
“They hadn’t given me even 100 shillings but we were still talking and Jaja Mwami left the nitrogen (oxygen assisted inhalers) and he (Bryan White) got pissed and started explaining, the bedridden Bryan got energy, omulwadde wange haaaaa hahaha… This 2020 haaaa I even don’t know but God should help me and I get through it well.”

Bad Black continued to pin Bryan white when she was asked about the general look of things at Bryan White’s place, she recounted saying,” Bryan white called me while speaking very well and told me he was going to die, you will bury me, you will see my corpse, Mafias entered my house.

Therefore he showed me the videos but the mafia he was talking about, even a mafia who comes to kill someone while talking on the phone can’t be an easy one but we were killing the vibe with Bryan white at his house well and his voice was clear, even before switching on the camera to record a live video we were jazzing but when he saw it was live and I told him the live feed was going up and the viewers had reached 5000, by the time I switched the camera back on to him, he was already acting in the sickest voice he could pull off.”

Sharon Namuyimba then narrates that it was at this point that she started suspecting something was unbalanced and says Bryan white pulled off strange stunts including one where he spoke like an evil spirit or a god and that it’s at this point she felt his pain and even cried but then cuts in and said the pencil-sized man played games on her and as the saying goes nowadays “Bryan White showed her mature” and also stated that he acted everything and took her at a very high speed. She actually says Bryan White is very good at acting and should go to a comedy store.

I will let you off from here and let you watch the rest of Bad Black’s interview by your selves because even when I try to narrate it, it is more interesting and only shows you the type of celebrities we are dealing with however, Dj Micheal and comedy store’s Alex Muhanji also visited Bryan White and ruled out Bad Black’s claims. They say Bryan White is indeed ill and needs your prayers but if you have read all his stories here at Cyclone Times. You already know the truth, please thank you for reading.

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