Bryan White health worsens, sent back home from Nakasero Hospital

Bryan White back home from Nakasero Hospital

Bryan White has been sent back home from Nakassero Hospital after his situation worsening. As we all know, Big spender and well known Don Bryan white was recently admitted to Nakassero Home of sick people including treatment and labor (HOSPITAL) because of the pain he was getting in his lower chambers of the stomach.

Fortebet Uganda

He has been hospitalized since then with doctors and health personnel not certain of what the problem could be, it was also reported that Bryan White’s blood samples had been collected and taken to England for more close tests and analytics because in Uganda everything has been tried but all in vain.

Byan White’s medical condition worsened after he received a calling from the Parliament of Uganda concerning a breach he was involved in with disrespecting the Human rights of some girls who used to work with him. These girls who had a massive hearing in the press and the media accused the penciled money lord of sleeping with them in groups, they pinned him for always mistreating them and asked for people and government to help them.

It’s then that the parliament of Uganda summoned Bryan White for a hearing of his side of the story unfortunately, he did not make it that far before he was sidelined to his sick woes. Reports have been published that the Parliament recently sent its scouts and officers to confirm if Bryan was really ill after he failed to turn up for his hearing and whatever came out of the survey seemed to branch heavily in favor of Bryan White’s camp.

Bryan White
Bryan White during the healthy days of the Bryan White Foundation

“I want to speak to the President of Uganda about certain things and I also want to be paid for the works I did while still working with the government, ” this was Bryan’s request while on his sickbed through Isaac Katende commonly know as Kasuku.

Bryan White seeks a talk with the president of Uganda and through Kasuku he warned that he wanted to directly talk to H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in person and not his associates like Balam who he doesn’t want to even ever talk to again.

Now today 7th of July, the COVID year 2020, a video was posted on YouTube showing an ambulance arriving at Bryan White’s home. Isaac Katende on his youtube channel Kasuku live captioned it…

Now this up there causes alarms because Kasuku is a close associate of Bryan white though some people are saying its a stunt being played by Bryan white to avoid authorities.

Watch Video – Bryan White taken back home [Courtesy]

In the video, the ambulance swayed around Bryan whites compound and parked at the entrance. Two men who seemed responsible for the sick man were then seen putting on gloves and helped the moving bed out of the ambulance. It had someone on it but had been covered all over to the face with a white bed sheet like it was a dead body.

This bed was guided carefully into the house and when they were in something that appeared to be a sitting room the white bed sheet was removed from the head area only to uncover a live Bryan white who looked miserable and in soo much pain.

In Africa when a very sick person is removed from the Home of sick people including treatment and labor (HOSPITAL) and brought back to their home, it means his or her life is hanging and only prayers can devour them. Let’s hope the best for Bryan White and thanks for reading.

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