Brian White warns NBS’ Uncut presenters and promoter Balaam

Brian White

Ugandan City socialite Brian White has issued a bitter warning to NBS’ UNCUT Kalakata presenters Anatalia Oze and Zahara Totto. This comes after they aired out a video of a certain girl called Stella Nandawula being torturedand sexually harrassed by Brian White. However, Brian confirmed to Cyclone Times that Stella Nandawula was at a birthday party yesterday.

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“I want to appeal to some TV stations and I will be open on this, for instance, NBS’ Uncut. In addition, I want to advise them to act professionally because they are losing credibility. I have a family and therefore they should style up,” Brian White said.

Brian White
NBS TV’s UNCUT presenters Zahara Totto (left) and Anatalia Oze (right)

“I am already informed about the mafias who want to put me down. In addition, I also know the person who used to threaten my secretary in a move to tarnish my name. I have many videos that were recorded in order to show President Museveni how bad I am. I left President Museveni because of Balaam.

In addition, I need peace right now, therefore just leave me alone,” Brian White strongly warned Balaam.

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About Kakensa Media

“I want to issue the very last warning to Kakensa media for circulating false information about me. In addition, Kankensa knows nothing about my life, therefore, let him stop going after my life,” Brian White bitterly warned.

Stella Nandawula’s Clarification

“I am Okay and doing really well. Those videos circulating on social media were recorded a long time ago as my boss has explained to you. The truth is some people were trying to use me but did not succeed, therefore they are releasing those funny videos in a way to scare me. In fact yesterday I had a birthday party I attended to and surely I am doing really fine,” Stella Nandawula said.

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