Bobi Wine: “We shall save Uganda from dictatorship,” tells Bunyoro

Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine has assured the people of Bunyoro that its time to fight dictatorship in the country. and it starts from their region by voting an opposition candidate in the forthcoming by-election.

Kyagulanyi joined the campaign rally of the joint opposition candidate Asinansi Nyakato Kamanda. Who is running for Hoima district woman member of parliament?

He told the people of Bunyoro cast their vote with  Nyakato. Not as a member of the Forum for Democratic Change(FDC).  But as a person who will represent the voice of people of Bunyoro at large.

“I ask you, don’t look at her as FDC. Don’t look at her as a youth but we should see her as a person who will transform Bunyoro,” he said.

He told the people of Bunyoro to keep in united front if they really want to see president Museveni gone out of power to come 2021.

However, he urged the people of Bunyoro to maintain with the spirit of resistance which lives in their grandfathers and mothers. Above all, noting that the great King of Bunyoro resisted colonial rule even to the point of his death.

He told the people of Bunyoro are facing different problems in their lives which need immediate remedies.

“People of Bunyoro are facing a lot of challenges ranging from massive land evictions, unemployment, oppressive taxes. A broken healthcare and education system among others,” he noted.

In other words, he added that he sees the willing of the people of Bunyoro in need of a change their lives and build. A new Uganda based on social justice and equal opportunity.

The by-election will be held on 26th September.

Nyakato will run against with NRM’S Harriet Businge Mugenyi.

In conclusion, the seat fell vacant after Tophace Kaahwa Byagira, the former woman Member of Parliament.  In conclusion, she opted to represent the newly created district Kikuube district carved out of Hoima.

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