Bobi Wine speaks out on Masaka Murders

Robert Kyagulanyi

The president of the National Unity Platform party Bobi Wine alias Robert Kyagulani has condemned the government for failing to handle the Masaka murders. Bobi Wine downplays the regime investigations about the murders.

“It is apparent that in order to hide its own incompetence in stopping the serial murders, the regime either deliberately exaggerated its role in curbing the first wave, or has not been entirely truthful about its investigations into the motive and criminals behind the murders,” Bobi Wine said.

He blamed the government for taking advantage of the previous killing for political capital. He went ahead to sympathize with the residents and urged them to be vigilant.

“The regime is as clueless about these murders as we are. At worst, it exploited them for political capital by giving citizens false assurances that it had netted the suspects behind them when in fact it either had not or had shielded some of them. This conduct is consistent with the regime’s favourite song of “we brought peace and sleep” when the reality is quite different as we all know,” Bobi Wine said.

“I sympathise with residents of Masaka sub-region about the loss of your loved ones. I implore you and indeed all of us to remain vigilant and do the best we can to protect ourselves because we are on our own” he added.

There have been widespread killings in Masaka and Lwengo districts by machete-wielding thugs which have claimed at least 25 lives. The Killings continued on Saturday claiming 2 more lives despite security deployment in the area.

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