Bobi Wine, NUP and Barbie Kyagulanyi are all state sponsored – Frank Gashumba launches scathing attack onto NUP

Sisimuka Uganda boss Frank Gashumba is not a happy man following the ‘demi-godising’ of NUP principle Bobi Wine.

He’s now come out to launch a ferocious attack agaisnt the Magere based singer and all those close to him.

Gashumba during an interview with Sanyuka TV said that Bobi Wine is a project sponsored by the NRM.

He added how these were created by Museveni to disorganize and destroy the Opposition. And credit to NUP, they have done the job of neutralizing Besigye and other credible opposition leaders.

“I want to clarify that Uganda has no opposition. It stopped in the era of Dr Besigye. This one of NUP is a project funded by the NRM government. It was started in 2019 to squash the credible opposition.

Where do you think these lads get these huge monies of making lavish parties and building swanky homes,” Gashumba questioned.

Further Gashumba threatened to release evidence showing that the State House is Barbie Kyagulanyi’s second home.

“I have proof that Barbie Kyagulanyi goes to State House and I will release the evidence very soon,” Gashumba threatened.

Apparently Gashumba views Muhoozi as the next president of Uganda after what he saw at Muhoozi’s recent birthday celebrations.

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