Blogger Isma Olaxes finally arrested by Police

After being on the run and faking that he flew back to Sweden, social media blogger Isma Olaxes has finally been arrested by Police.

The information was revealed by Charles Twine the PRO of Criminal Investigation Directorate (CID).

Isma is to be charged with offensive communication and criminal Libel and will appear today before Court.


Detectives at CID headquarters @PoliceUg have this morning 4th Oct.2021 arrested Isma Olaxes aka Isma Kalevu and Charged him to Court for Offensive Communication and Criminal Libel.” Criminal Investigation Directorate PRO Charles Twiine revealed.

Isma is to follow the NBS trip of Kayz, Wakko and Makko who were sent to Kitalya Prison last week by Police after singer OS Suuna sued them for defaming him.

The Gambler singer accuses the group of tainting his name with baseless accusations.

These according to Suuna called him a gigolo and witch doctor and he therefore wants them to prove the allegations.

Suuna had over the weekend issued a one million shillings bounty for anyone who could provide him with Isma Olaxes’ hideout.

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