Bishop Kaggwa scientifically celebrates his episcopate Silver Jubilee

Bishop Kaggwa

The Catholic Church yet again registered another inconvenienced mega celebration due to the existence of COVID-19 in the country. Every 24th-June is a feast day of the nativity of Saint John the Baptist and it’s this date being his patron saint that the Bishop emeritus of Masaka diocese Rt. Rev. Bishop John Baptist Kaggwa chose to be ordained a Bishop in 1995 hence making twenty-five (25) years a Bishop.

Fortebet Uganda

In the Eucharistic celebration held in Kitovu Cathedral led by the bride himself Rt. Rev. Bishop John Baptist Kaggwa assisted by two other bishops i.e. the sitting Bishop of Masaka Diocese Rt. Rev. Serverus Jjumba and Rt. Rev. Joseph Antony Zziwa the ordinary of Kiyinda-Mityana Diocese and chairman Uganda Episcopal Conference who in this celebration was the main preacher.

Bishop Kaggwa

In his (Rt. Rev. Joseph Antony Zziwa) homily, he thanked the Bishop Kaggwa for the good work done in the sectors of education through building and supporting schools, encouraging farming through donations of heads of cattle to families and the renovation of the Kitovu Cathedral. He also thanked for uniting the people of Masaka regardless of their religion and tribe.

He further proclaimed Bishop Kaggwa as a man of God who served selflessly and wished well to others, this was backed by the fact when he appointed Bishop Zziwa head of youth in Gaaba Parish while he was still a Deacon.

Bishop Kaggwa

In his Jubilee message, Bishop Kaggwa advised the government to postpone the 2021 general elections to 2023 so that the electoral commission can organize a free and fair election when the country is free from COVID-19 to allow the aspirants reach their voters physically. He further explained why the postponement is necessary by saying that television signals are limited to some villages and radios can’t be efficient enough due to the fact that one can’t see the aspirants of the different elective positions.


  • Born on 23rd-March-1943
  • Was ordained a priest on 12th-December-1971
  • Appointed as a Coadjutor Bishop of Masaka on 19th-Dec-1994
  • Ordained as a Coadjutor  Bishop of Masaka on 24th-June-1995
  • Succeeded Bishop Dungu on 10th-Jan-1998 and
  • Retired on 16th-April- 2019

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