Big Eye Finally Gives In To Fans’ Pressure

Struggling singer Big Eye star boss looks like he’s finally given in to the pressure of fans.

This is after he wrote an apology through his new song Nsaba Bukome. The singer has asked Ugandans to forgive him wherever he went wrong but let him perform for his fans.

The Big Music boss said that his line of work has just been reopened for him to earn a living.

Therefore these fans who pelt him with bottles are are so bad that they want to see him fail yet he’s also a Ugandan just like them.

Besides, he also has fans that want to see him perform and what is done to him is really bad.

“I decided to pen this song which is a letter to Ugandans who pelt me with bottles. They should know that they are ruining my future because I’m also a Ugandan looking for something to eat. I hope they will listen to this song and pick up the message because I’m really tired because things have become tough for me. We haven’t been working and on being reopened, these people are trying to stop me from working for myself. This also hurts my fans in the long run who always yearn to see me perform,” Big Eye said.

The Sula indicator singer has been pelted with bottles by angry fans on numerous occasions because to his political affiliations to the NRM.

The first incidences were before the 2021 elections. The most recent was at the Galaxy FM ZzinaFest.

Big Eye was stung by bottles from fans as they didn’t want him on stage.

Sanyuka TV’S Uncut presenter Isaac Kawalya aka Kaiyz said that Big Eye wasn’t even invited at the concert.

He therefore invited the doom upon himself.

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