Big bummed slay queens took you from me- Naira Ali to Jacob Omutuuze


Songstress Naira Ali has revealed how big bummed slay queens stole the love of her life DJ Jacob Omutuuze.

The US based Ugandan singer took to her Facebook page with a picture of her and the radio personality to reveal how they had a love going strong.

However his love for big bummed delicious slay queens cost their relationship.

“Twalina love gwe! Just ba bigbum-ed slay queens bebayonona ekintu kyaffe,” translated as, “We had love! Just that big-bummed slay queens spoilt our thing.” said Naira Ali.

Dj Jacob who is the Bunamwaya chairman is top sharpshooter who has been rumored to terrorise upcoming female singers.

Rumors used to circulate how he and the Sikyalinda crooner had a thing going on since they were often spotted together.

Social media users were quick to point out that the big bummed woman in question is none other than Doreen Nasasira.

The KFM presenter was rumored some time ago to be dating Dj Jacob.

The pair even had rumors suggesting how they were soon going to officialize their relationship. However this didn’t happen as it turned to be just rumors.

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