Bebe Cool’s kids leave social media worried with raunchy birthday photoshoot

Singer Bebe Cool’s kids Alpha Thierry Ssali and his daughter Beata Ssali left social media in shock after an awkward moment in one of the videos posted online.

Yesterday saw Zuena and Bebe Cool’s daughter Beata celebrate her birthday with a lavish photoshoot and outing.

Alpha while wishing his sister a birthday said that he thought that she was an orphan when their mother brought her home.

“Happy birthday to my twin. It’s like yesterday mum just brought you home from hospital and I thought you’re an orphan but now I know we are related and you’re here to stay. Alhamdulilah for your life Beata, I love you so much you make me a proud brother,” Alpha posted.

However, among the videos posted was one where he was holding his sister in an awkward position.

This sent social media into a murmur with the followers saying different things.

Happy birthday to Beata.

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