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The Gagamel’s boss and the Leader of the Silent majority group, Bebe Cool alias Moses Ssali who released two hot videos in a period of 2 months could be eyeing for a bigger award. Wire wire and Nkuliyo.

The best East African and Uganda’s best musician singing reggae and ragga music released Nkuliyo Video on 30 July 2019 and Wire Wire Video on 1 September 2019.

WIRE WIRE is an Afrobeat dance hall fusion for party-goers. “It’s okay, let me wire wire” Meaning “it’s okay let me do as I please. It’s because in life you should do more of pleasing your self than other people”. You are not cheap unless you choose to be. Be proud of your self and know your worth/price.” He explained the song on the YouTube channel.

Wire Wire has 312,962 views and 1,210 comments in the period of only two (2) weeks.

#Nkuliyo, “am into you” a song that requires no explanation when it comes to body winding. Low tempo, keeps you wanting your lover next to you to keep reminding them how much you into them. Bebe Cool explains Nkuliyo song on his official YouTube Channel.

Nkuliyo has since attracted 257,968 views and 1,045 comments in only 2 months.

Debates have been on-going on different TV shows between these two super hits in the Ugandan music industry, In addition, the biggest margin falls for the wire wire music song.

However, others claim that Nkuliyo still locks it.

Writer: Ronnie Producer: Ronnie Mastered by Herbert Skillz Video by Sasha Vybes.

Wire wire was written by Ronnie, Produced by Ronnie, Mastered by Herbert Skillz and shot by Sasha Vyb.

It is anticipated that one or both of the videos will win best awards in categories they will b aligned in 2019.

In our poll, we are seeking to see what you think about these videos by voting the best.

In conclusion, Bebe cool is still holding the Uganda flag.


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