Bebe Cool and Nubian Li show each other love on social media

It must be one of the weirdest things to hear but well yeah, Bebe Cool and Nubian Li took to social media to appreciate each other.

The two are known not to have the best of relationships due to the beef between Gagamel boss Bebe Cool and Firebase leader Bobi Wine.

This though did not stop Bebe Cool from wishing the Fire Base vice, Nubian Li a happy marriage filled with blessings

“Congratulations Nubian, may your marriage be fruitful with Allah’s blessings,” Bebe Cool posted on his Facebook timeline.

This saw Nubian Li reply with a “Thank you bro.”

Fans were left amused at the fact that the two had decided to bury the beef between them for this special occasion in Nubian’s life.

When fans decided to attack Bebe Cool about hin never associating with the singer during his tough times, he said that their camp has also never sympathized with him in his struggles.

“Mmmm it’s better you remember people at there worst moment not in their happiness moment….Nubian Li was in detention for almost a year and you never visited him or even raise your voice to defending him but now you’re remembering him upon his happiness just because you managed to team up with Chameleon, now you are looking for ways to team up with Nubian Li,your mission with Government is to make Bobi Wine remain alone,” one of Bebe Cool’s followers side.

“And did you see him visit me in hospital when I was shot or did you see him say sorry to me when I lost my son Shortcut? But to silence ignorant people like you, I refresh your memory. Otherwise congs Nubi,” the Love you everyday singer hit back.

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