Barbie reveals Bobi Wine chewed her goat

Barbie wife to popular singer and politician Bobi Wine has come out to reveal how the singer chewed her goat and introduced her to the world of doing bad manners.

While appearing in a local interview, Barbie said that she met Bobi Wine when she was still a virgin and the ghetto gladiator deflowered her.

She said that the singer was her first and last boyfriend.

“I met my husband when I was still a virgin. He was my first and last boyfriend. We have managed to last this long because he understands me better than anybody else because I know myself not an easy person.” Barbie said.

The couple met in the early 2000’s before Bobi Wine’s music career had found ground.

He was a student at Makerere University while Barbie was a senior six vacist.

The couple did their wedding in 2011 that was the talk of town then.

Today they have four children together and are one of the most influential couples in the country.

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