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Jennifer Full Figure

Most people on the media always have a nail and hammer for Jennifer full figure original names Jenifa Nakagubi a Muganda lady who recently betrayed the People power movement and joined the yellow banana people (NRM). Most media attacks on her are that she is shabby and not even a wife material but what if in someone’s eyes, she is their queen of Wakanda.

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On Wednesday, 8th of July, the COVID year 2020 a Busoga based Tv station located in Bugembe Jinja City known as “Baaba” invited Andrew Mukasa commonly known as Bajjo to a live show called Kibuyaga mu Kibuga hosted by Basajja Mivule, this show happens every Wednesday on the local Tv station from 9am to 11 am.

Its believed that only Bajjo was invited to the show but Jenifa Full figure came and joined the show uninvited and as soon as they reached the promised land a brutal exchange of words erupted.
Jennifer Nakagubi is also known as Jennifer Full figure the motor-mouthed lady was talking about why most youths have failed to stay in one political party and why they always jump from one party to the other, Bajjo kept interrupting her with a claim that all they do, they are after one thing, Money. In this show Jenifa Full figure then dropped a bomb in the lion’s den, we all did not see this coming but here it was and we now all know it has a story behind it.

First, she accused Bajjo saying, “The reason you are not letting me speak well is that you want the show to end very fast so that you can take me for outings and sleep with me.” laughable, right?
She then said in other statements that Bajjo vibed her and of course she accepted and they have been lovers for a long time then boom…” Wanzalamu no mwana” a joint cluster of words in Luganda which means you even had a child with me.

This caused huge chaos in the Baaba Tv Studios where Bajjo stood up and while holding a bible he said, “That lady is mad, I want her to hold this bible and repeat the words she has just said,” to which Full figure replied, “Don’t bring God into such thing, don’t even try.”
Now when she saw that Bajjo was serious and insisted she should hold the bible and swear to her words, she looked down at the simple portable bookshelf she had carried and pulled out her own bible.

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“You see, I have my own bible, you and I have a child together and in addition to that, you don’t even give the kid child support. Which kind of father are you?” she asked.
In the same Tv show or interview Jennifer Full figure disclaimed all the words directed towards her that she left People power to join NRM because of money.

” I have seven vehicles, that one (Bajjo) knows them all those vehicles… I want to explain to you, I have seven vehicles, I have a Fuso, Elefu, one that I use to travel in and it’s not for Museveni. Those cars, I bought back then before I went to Museveni.” when asked if Bajjo knows about all this she said, ” Bulungi nyo.” a luganda phrase meaning” very well.”

“All the houses, I have that guy knows them because he is always the first one I call, Taata wabana come see this house, which color should we use to paint?” she continued but when Bajjo heard all this he Jared.
She then added, “He knows everything, all my mansions plus plain pieces of land, Bajjo knows about them.
All these I acquired before joining Museveni, We don’t support Museveni because of the money and I curse everyone who says take me to Museveni to give me money.”

After Jennifer Full figure speaking, Andrew Mukasa also knows as Bajjo took the microphone and started his goodwill about Bobi wine, and it’s at this stage that the two almost fought from the studio.

Our team managed to bring you the interview below, watch for yourself, and keep with us for the latest Celebrity Gossip. Thanks for reading 📖

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