Bad Black reveals reason Bryan White fell from glory to grass

Faded socialite Bad Black has come out to reveal why socialite Bryan White fell from glory to grass.

It should be recalled that Bryan White a few years ago was the focal point of the showbiz industry.

He had a number of musicians by the tip of his finger because he was the money bags then.

Although his source of income was disputable, nobody really cared much to know where he got it from.

However, a while back, his woes started as he fell from the ‘podium’ he once stood on back to the grass he had started from.

His cars, the luxurious life he all at one time enjoyed were all gone in the blink of an eye.

Bryan White even got hospitalized in a critical condition and few thought that he would make it out alive.

Bad Black has now revealed that the reason for his downfall was dancing every female musician plus other women he came across.

It was probably these that had bad luck and made his money disappear.

She also revealed that Bryan White was responsible for her comeback as he bought her numerous things.

He even sent her to live in Malaysia as he thought they were in love and she would cause mayhem in his sexual relationships with different musicians and other women.

“Actually Bryan White helped me alot,he was the reason behind my comeback Bambi but I used to advise him and he thought I felt bad yet it was my experience with 4 million dollars.”

“He bought me a car, IPhone, 80,000$ turning me into a slay queen. He actually told me baby I don’t need you in Uganda, choose a country I said dear let me go to Malaysia.

When I went the ka man danced every musician oba he thought I was in love with him and would cause trouble.

All that money, no house no business but going into NRM.”

“Means in the women he danced there was one with bad omens who took all the money because I was there before the foundation of musicians. Oba who had bad luck in the women he f**ked? Let me do research,” Bad Black said.

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