Bad Black mocks Bebe Cool’s ‘Lwasa manhood’

Renowned thigh vendor Bad Black has once again come out to mock singer Big Size Bebe Cool over his manhood that she terms small.

Bad Black said that if Bebe Cool had not provoked her, no one would be talking about his small Lwasa boy.

“You see if you hadn’t provoked me, you would be counted among people. But let me keep quiet. Happy belated birthday. Silent majority.” Bad Black attacked Bebe Cool.

This was after Bebe Cool posted one of his pics in a swimming costume.

The war between the two began after the Wire wire singer used the faded socialite as an example of people who squander their wealth and are now suffering.

Bad Black retaliated by saying that she was once dated by Bebe Cool but his manhood couldn’t rise up because he had been shot.

She further added that it was small and would not have satisfied her.

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