Azziad Nasenya – Ringtone rejected my love after promising him, 7 children

Zoea Mawe

Kenyan Tik-Tok queen Azziad Nasenya has revealed how Singer Ringtone rejected her love even after promising him 7 children. In addition, this followed after a rumor spread on social media platforms that Ringtone Apoko was in a possible relationship with the Tik-Tok queen. However, besides the rumor, Ringtone Apoko has revealed that Azziad Nasenya does not meet the threshold of his ideal woman.

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Ringtone Apoko is a famous Kenyan gospel artist. However, he has been single for a long time and therefore he is not even bothered about his age. Meanwhile, Apoko says will soon meet his ideal woman and he will lawfully wed her therefore he won’t rush because of public pressure.

Ringtone and Azziad Nasenya
Tik-Tok queen and Ringtone Apoko

Azziad Nasenya appeared in Ringtone’s new song dubbed Zoea Mawe… Therefore people thought Ringtone Apoko was going to fall for her.

“Azziad is a beautiful and intelligent woman but I cannot love her. In addition, this is because she does not pray 7 times a day and does not speak in tongues. Anyway, she told me that she was ready to give birth to 7 children,” Ringtone said.

Who is Azziad Nasenya?

Azziad Nasenya

Azziad is a beautiful Kenyan upcoming journalist, actress, and content creator. She is giving Ugandan girls too much headache, however, she gained the fame of recent. In addition, when she posted her Tik-Tok video of herself dancing to Mejja and Femi’s hit song dubbed ‘utamwezana’. She is also a very good actress in both theatre and Film.

Azziad Nasenya was born in 2001 in the western part of Kenya. The 19-year-old is a Luhya by tribe and she has always been a good fan of acting. Therefore, we can say that her dream has come true. However, our Question here lies, which signal does her Tik-Tok video send to our Ugandan girls out there?

Zoea Mawe Video by Ringtone Apoko [Courtesy]

Nasenya went to Misikhu Girls High School for her Secondary Education. Currently, she is in her second year pursuing Broadcast Journalism at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication.

Azziad Nasenya proved everyone wrong more so Our Ugandan girls during this Quarantine when she appeared in the video with everything on point. In addition, with her flexible waist, infectious smile, and her uniquely colored hair, however, not forgetting her awesome tummy. Azziad Nasenya had also a unique way of shaking her God gifted body which left many men in Uganda in their bathrooms during this lockdown.

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