Whole Truth – God’s plan dumps Sheilah Gashumba and replaces her with a lady 3 times more beautiful

Whole Truth - God's plan dumps Sheilah Gashumba and replaces her with a lady 3 times more beautiful

God’s plan dumps Sheilah Gashumba and immediately replaces her with a lady three times more beautiful –The whole truth Good days start humbly and end amusingly, that’s why cyclone is there to give you the best before you forget what day left you behind. Breakups are roaming around “ki Uganda Kyaffe” and someone would start thinking the government is behind…

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Full Zahara Toto story – Break up, Settling in and her perfect replacement

Full Zahara Toto story 2020

I would say a long time but the world runs faster than my tongue and the speed it rotates from the core of its axis is the same speed Ugandan celebrities are using to drive us. A hidden relationship usually lasts because no one knows what you ate last night and when you last kissed each other, here is what…

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“Bryan white is on nitrogen, not oxygen” – Bad Black confirms

bad black and bryan white

When Bad black came out and first accused Bryan white of faking illness exposing him in a video where she appeared to be drunk, everybody was like it was not her talking and that it was alcohol or the wine she was taking but when she got sobber, she was invited live on a show and the words she said…

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Mr “Smart Wire” Vampino files child abuse case against Ex Bonkmate and Baby Mama Suzan Owori

Vampino and Susan Owori

The Ugandan Entertainment industry is full of interesting music, acts and stories, and guess what, our team has dug out a new one for you, and this time it’s from faded or to be polite lost musician Vampino who most of us in the early days knew as Vampos. The smart wire singer has been quiet and off the music…

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Bad Black – Bryan White is not sick, He is just playing his games

bad black and bryan white

We promised to keep you on the nines with all developing stories and guess what, as it looks, today we got you an interesting one. There have been silent rumors and mussitations airing out among Ugandans that the pen and pencil-sized faded money lord could be in a “Kiwani” or faked sickness act. Everyone got on their feet and yelled…

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“They want to kill me from here” – Bryan White cries out during Bad black and Kasuku visit

Bryan White

Cyclone times readers know an inch-perfect story about the full Bryan White story. However, for those that have just joined us, I will give you a ball of thread about the slim Don’s troubles. Kirumira Brian who most of us know as Bryan white well known for splashing loads of money. In addition and owning the famous Bryan White foundation,…

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GNL Zamba and Navio are women – Gravity Omutujju explains why

Gravity Omutujju calls Navio and GNL Zamba women

GNL Zamba and Navio are women – Gravity explains why and also talks about their Beef. Apart from me, who else thought women only wear skirts and dresses? Well, Gravity Omutujju has a different way he thinks about the appearance of women, and below is why. There has been a hard beef between Uganda’s best rappers that is to say…

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I aborted Feffe Bussi’s Baby Because He Had No Interest – Leila Official

Leila Official

Earlier this week we published a story about a one Leila Official who took to Facebook through a group called LOVE STORIES accusing the Uganda freestyle king Feffe Bussi for making her pregnant and thereafter failing to give her any sort of assistance, this story spread very fast most especially on Facebook but then the author of the post came…

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Bajjo, you are the father of my child – Jennifer Full Figure

Jennifer Full Figure

Most people on the media always have a nail and hammer for Jennifer full figure original names Jenifa Nakagubi a Muganda lady who recently betrayed the People power movement and joined the yellow banana people (NRM). Most media attacks on her are that she is shabby and not even a wife material but what if in someone’s eyes, she is…

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Bryan White health worsens, sent back home from Nakasero Hospital

Bryan White back home from Nakasero Hospital

Bryan White has been sent back home from Nakassero Hospital after his situation worsening. As we all know, Big spender and well known Don Bryan white was recently admitted to Nakassero Home of sick people including treatment and labor (HOSPITAL) because of the pain he was getting in his lower chambers of the stomach. He has been hospitalized since then…

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