Aunt Kaduuka Clowie Stings Samson Kasumba after attacking Bobi Wine

Aunt Kaduuka Clowie Stings Samson Kasumba after attacking Bobi Wine

Being a weekend, we assume people are having a good time with their loved ones after a very busy week… However, it’s a different story when it gets to social media platforms as the business keeps rolling on as usual… Social media influencer and businesswoman Aunt Kaduuka Clowie has this morning shaken the internet after giving NBS TV’s Samson Kasumba a very awesome level…

This followed after Mr. Samson Kasumba went at loggerheads with NUP’s leader Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine after he penned a protest letter to NBS TV… This however didn’t impress the people who believe in Bobi Wine thus firing back at Kasumba…

“I think one of the most incredible stories of our generation is that of Hon. Kyagulanyi Ssentamu. A man who started from nowhere…and he is now our presidential candidate who has garnered 35% of the votes at least from what we have…

” In my own reservation whether can lead a country like Uganda or not. Can he lead it or not? I don’t think so but should he try too? let him have a try. I think that the population of Uganda has a right to gamble with whoever they want, then they’ll find out that he couldn’t…We have better persons to lead the country than Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, good as he is. With all honesty, I think Bobi Wine is still incapable of leading this country and he has publicly shown that,” Samson Kasumba said.

Hmm, when Aunt Kaduuka Clowie, saw this, she immediately ran to her socials and drilled Kasumba left, right and center…

“I am here to present we Ugandans from the message of Mr. Samson Kasumba… Today I am gonna use English because he thinks he doesn’t know English or he thinks he knows more or much better. You have used English while provoking us Ugandans but I am also going to try my level best to speak English while answering all you wanted to say… At your age, you are not supposed to be working on Television waiting to get paid 50K Ugx…

Therefore Mr. Kasumba the world is not suffering because of the bad leadership but the world is suffering because of the stupidity of you Mr. Kasumba who didn’t vote as you said… You wore red while speaking your stupid words… You said you finished voting in the 90’s then what are you looking for in politics,… Do you think working on TV you achieved it all… Hmm, a quick reminder, at your age you would in the village growing and harvesting pineapples,” Aunt Kaduuka Clowie said.

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