Attorneys take steps to sue IGP Ochola for enabling five Police executives to remain in office wrongfully

Attorneys take steps to sue IGP Ochola for enabling five Police executives to remain in office wrongfully. A gathering of legal counselors has kept in touch with the Inspector General of Police, Martin Okoth Ochola taking steps to drag him to court for enabling five police executives to remain in office after the expiry of their agreements.

The Internal Affairs Minister, Gen.Jeje Odong a week ago wrote to Ochola requesting that he permit 12 police executives whose agreements have terminated to be permitted to remain in office until the Appointing Authority (President Museveni) chose something else.

“As you know, this issue has not yet been finished up by the Appointing Authority. However, altogether not to disturb the coherence of administration especially as of now. This is to manage you to permit the concerned/influenced officials. To remain in office until the Appointing Authority decides something else,” Gen.Jeje Odong’s letter peruses to some degree.

Attorneys take steps to sue IGP Ochola for enabling five Police executives to remain in office wrongfully
Attorneys take steps to sue IGP Ochola for enabling five Police executives to remain in office wrongfully
In addition, in a January 13 letter to Ochola, legal counselors from Credo Advocates state the proceeded. With remain in the office of five executives at the position of Assistant Inspector-General of Police. These included Joseph Mugisa(Fire and Rescue Services), Lemmy Twinomujuni(Welfare and Production), Asuman Mugenyi(Operations), Moses Balimwoyo( Interpol and International Relations) and Stephen Kasiima(Traffic) is illicit.

“It has gone to our customer’s information that you keep on shielding. However, it gives working premises and allots official government obligations to these people whose residency of office in Uganda Police. For a long time, ago lapsed for instance. They have no command in law to execute obligations purportedly in the interest of Uganda Police. Or the legislature of Uganda” peruses to a limited extent the letter to Ochola.

The Internal Affairs Minister in a January 7 letter gave a murmur of help to the influenced police chiefs. Therefore, when he solicited the Inspector General from Police to enable them to remain in office. As they sit tight for an official choice from President Museveni, who is the naming position.

Gen.Jeje Odong said tossing the chiefs out of office would disturb the congruity of administration in the police power.

In addition, as per the legal counselors, the Internal Affairs Minister has no locus to “incidentally”. To keep the influenced chiefs in office without running agreements.

The attorneys include that the influenced people have representatives. Can carry on their work until the delegating authority articulates himself on the issue.


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“The reason for a vacuum doesn’t hold. Any type of payments and remittances paid out to these people. Outside the authoritative period would be illicit and a type of debasement.”

“Should you decrease to regard to the requests. In other words, we compelled to sue you in your own ability with the outcome that court orders. You to pay all the monies the denounced people would have drawn from the legislature for all the period. They are in office wrongfully,” the legal advisors compromise.

The letter duplicated to the Inspectorate of Government and the Deputy Inspector General of Police.

The agreements for the police executives were as of late restored for a long time, however, they have since terminated.

Similarly, the collaborator Inspector General of Police (AIGP) is the third elevated position in the structure of the police. Power and officials at the rank who clock 45 years old or more work on three-year contracts yet are sustainable.

The Police power right now has 18 chiefs and 12 of these have their agreements lapsed.

The recent improvements come scarcely two months after the High Court requested the police chief accountable for Logistics and Engineering. AIGP Godfrey Bangirana, to empty office until a case in which a private individual is testing his proceeded. With remain in office when his agreement is presently yet restored after expiry.

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