Ashburg Katto must apologize to all Ugandans – Muhammad Ssegirinya

Ashburg Katto

Uganda’s number one blogger Ashburg Katto was bashed by people power supporters on social media for getting Muhoozi’s food. This has left Muhammad Segirinya asking the blogger to style up and change accordingly and also, apologize to Ugandans.


“Ashburg Katto must surely apologize for his greedy deeds. We as people power movement have enough food for our people.

Therefore we have not asked Ashburg Katto to go to the NRM camp and get food for people power bloggers out there.

Fortebet Uganda

“He got names for his OB’s and OG’s on his list and I don’t think any bloggers told him to lobby food for them. In the People Power movement, we don’t tell people to lobby food for us. Therefore Ashburg Katto displays his true colors and I believe you people can now judge for yourselves. however, we are still on the struggle because even if we remain two people, we can still win.

Ashburg Katto
Blogger Ashburg Katto

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“In fact, Ashburg Katto would have called me if he wanted food instead of going for Muhoozi’s food. In addition, and all bloggers have refused to go and pick up the dirty food. He should also take back the food where he got it from. Therefore let him come out officially and apologize.

Muhammad Ssegirinya & Ashburg Katto
Muhammad Ssegirinya

About Bajjo’s arrest

“promoter Bajjo was arrested yesterday. Whoever has food should take it to the Office of the prime minister (OPM). In addition, even our leader Hon Kyagulanyi Sentamu took the food to the OPM. However, the government is giving its poor quality food to the people yet we donated super quality food to them.

Promoter Bajjo & Ashburg Katto
Bivulu Promoter Bajjo

Therefore promoter Bajjo had gone to demand the food he donated and give it to his people. This is because he has never seen his food donated to his people. Therefore my question is, Where does the food go that we donated to the Office of the Prime minister?

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