ASFA 2019: Eddy Kenzo tips fashionista Oscar

ASFA 2019: Eddy Kenzo tips fashionista Oscar Kampala for greater things. On Saturday, Kingdom Kampala played host to The Abryanz Style and FashionPrenuer just as the ASFA’s candidate discharge night.

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ASFA 2019
ASFA 2019
In the group of spectators, to observe a whirlwind of design forward exercises, was BET Award-winning artist, Eddy Kenzo. Clad in a flashy highly contrasting weaved channel coat. He calmly walked around the space where many sprouting style creators had set up their perfect works of art. He was intently examining the distinctive garments in plain view. Maybe searching for something uncommon and Unique, when his eyes met Oscar Kampala’s ‘Lords Man’ gathering coat.

He quickly sent for him, expecting maybe to see an elderly person. However when he showed up, Oscar was youthful, a multi-year old Mentored by Abryanz. Who’d as of late wandered into his very own suits planning business.

Vortex Kenzo later got the entire story, of how, similar to the original business adrenaline junkie, a 19year old Oscar leased a 1.5M shop in Ham Shopping grounds yet he’d never claimed a million shillings throughout his life.

Two months not far off, and Oscar didn’t have a solitary deal. However, he’d applied for and gotten enlisted at Makerere University. He required for the shop to work with the goal that he could pay his educational cost. Vortex Kenzo realized, that the kid, presently just 19 years old, persevered and began bearing both the lease of his shop, just as educational cost, over the chance to showcase at globally acclaimed capacities, for example, the Abryanz Style And Fashion Awards Nominee Release night.

Eddy Kenzo praised Oscar on the shoulder and shared useful tidbits.

He was dazzled at how humble Oscar Kampala was. What’s more, how, similar to somebody was wounded. Oscar continued alluding to God as the wellspring of all his straightforward successes.


“On the off chance that he doesn’t redirect from God and religion. In addition, on the off chance that he remains the modest and honest offspring of God that he will be, he will end up in a good place”. Famous people said, in reference to Oscar Kampala he Might Be the King of Suits in Making.

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