Arua hospital in question for releasing corpses without ascertaining the cause of death

Arua hospital in question for releasing corpses without ascertaining the cause of death

Arua district local officials are questioning circumstances under which Arua Hospital is handing over corpses to families without testing what could have caused the death since they could have died of the deadly coronavirus.

Local leaders argue that handing over corpses without checking them only increasing the chances of spreading Covid-19 since the country is currently battling with the second wave of coronavirus disease.

According to the district’s health inspector Manasseh Anxious, a body was handed over to the family last week for burial before the Covid-19 results were ready and later, it was confirmed the deceased had lost his/her life to Covid-19.

Reports from the district health department indicate that in the last seven days, seven people have lost their lives to the coronavirus disease at the same Health facility in question, Arua Hospital.

To affirm this, Arua’s RDC Festus Ayikobua said many bodies have been sent home for burial before the test results of the cause of death have been realized only to later be awoken to the horror that their death was caused by coronavirus disease.

It is upon these premises that the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer, Arua district Sandra Ewachabo called up the hospital management to revise their system of handling dead bodies and speed up the testing process for Covid-19.

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In order to explain the situation, Dr. Christopher Dradiku the regional integrated disease surveillance response focal person Arua Regional Referral Hospital said that the delay in release of results is attributed to the fact that available test laboratory is in Adjumani district.

However, he said the situation will be rectified since the hospital has now been availed with the rapid tests that will help with the issue of delay in the release of results at Arua Regional Referral Hospital.

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