Amelia Kyambadde cautions people on counterfeit items

Amelia Kyambadde cautions people in general on counterfeit items. In an offer to battle the expanding instances of duplication of Uganda Bureau of Standards (UNBS) testaments and phony items in the market, the clergyman of Trade, Industry, and Cooperatives, Amelia Kyambadde has cautioned the individuals from the business brotherhood to shun managing in counterfeit items.

However, while tending to the media at her office in Kampala, AMelia Kyambadde cautioned the merchants against producing UNBS endorsements.

She said the expanding instances of duplication of items and producing. The UNBS testament won’t just influence individuals from the business clique yet, in addition, the nation on the loose.

She clarified that a few people are ravenous for cash and quick-moving items in the market, they fake them.

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She, therefore, uncovered that the demonstration of copying declarations and selling counterfeit items in the market. Anybody who got in connection with such acts will face the official courtroom.

In other words, Kyambadde said their exchanging licenses will likewise be dropped and will be entrusted to pay substantial punishments.

Amelia Kyambadde cautions people in general on counterfeit items
Amelia Kyambadde cautions people in general on counterfeit items
Kyambadde said phony and fake items are major issues in Uganda which get the economy to lose more cash-flow.

Therefore, she asked Ugandans to ensure that all items fulfill the necessary guidelines as far as measures, thickness, and quality.

“Luckily the UNBS association has just begun capturing those guilty parties. However, I asked all Ugandans who are falsely using UNBS authentications to stop quickly generally. Otherwise closure of business and even them they will face arrests,” she said.

This pursued instances of duplication of UNBS authentications and items. However, in Kassanda town three individuals participated in copying the results of certain organizations and it led to there arrest by the police.

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