“Am busy” sometimes it hurts in a relationship!!

What should hit your mind when a man says he’s too busy? Well if it happens once in a while for a valid reason then I suggest you be in position to understand. 
But if it happens that every time you suggest meeting or spending time together he has excuses or he’s too busy then it could be another way of saying he’s not into you and he lacks a better and polite way of telling it to you without hurting you.

A person who doesn’t love you will condition you to think he never has time. I hope you stop wondering why you have all the time for him, yet he has no time for you. You are not on his priority list and he does not care

There’s nothing that kills attraction like too much availability! You turnout to be nagging and not needed. 
The only way you are going to have his attention is by having a life, getting busy and creating scarcity! I think it feels good when people genuinely miss you. 
Stop being too available and by that you’re conditioning him to see your value and to question his actions of being unavailable.
Counsellor Adrian Kakinda

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