All you need to know about the Karole Kasita and Feffe Bussi romance

Have you been wondering if truly Karole Kasita’s beans are being harvested by rapper Feffe Bussi.

Well all the details that you need to know about the relationship of the two singers is here.

The pair a few days ago threw social media into disarray after an audio clip of their phone calls surfaced online.

In their conversations, a love stricken Karole is heard pleading with Feffe if she can go and sleep at his place and give him some which he accepts.

In another segment, she asks him if he got the Marijuana that she sent him.

Rumors even heard it that the two would soon be legalizing their relationship.

Fans started congratulating the soon to be couple although it was a surprise to many.

The Balance singer however a few days after came out and said that it’s not her voice in the viral clip.

Feffe however busted their little secret and said that they are not dating.

It was rather a stunt to promote their new song Ebyo Byoli which was released recently.

The Mbozzi ye Gulu singer even said that it’s Karole in the voice note even though she had denied this.

Such stunts are common in the music industry as artists use them as marketing strategies.

Surprisingly fans always fall for them and this can maybe be faulted on the too much love for rumor.

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