All You Leed To Know About Gabbie Ntaate’s Wedding

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Social media was last week left in surprise after gospel singer and Spark TV’s Livewire presenter Gabbie Ntaate posted photos of her alleged wedding.

Her fans and other well wishers flocked to the comment section to congratulate her upon this milestone.

Many expressed their shock because they didn’t see it coming but others were sure this was either bridal house advert or music video.

The Wano singer didn’t have a ring on the finger nor was her best pal Precious Remmie anywhere in the photos.

Ntaate also didn’t do a Kukyala or introduction ceremony which usually comes before the wedding.

And truly those who thought that it was a music video were absolutely right.

The singer today released the video of the song title “Promise.”

While speaking about the song, Ntaate said that it’s all about love and marriage.

“A beautiful love and marriage ballad aimed to bring the reassurance of a forever after to the one you love,” Ntaate said.

A number of celebrities have used such stunts to promote their upcoming singles such as Lydia Jazmine and Ykee Benda for their Banange duet.

Watch Gabriella Ntaate’s Promise song below

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