Alikiba’s side chick Diva the Bawse to share his n$$$es and dirty videos.

Diva the Bawse

Alikiba’s ex-friend Diva the Bawse to share his n$$$es and dirty videos.

Alikiba’s ex-girlfriend has threatened to share the singer’s dirty pictures and videos if he continues to provoke her. She has taken the war to social media after throwing a confirmation message showing she was Alikiba’s woman. Therefore according to the posts on social media, we can tell why Alikiba’s Kenyan wife had to walk away from him. In addition, just a few months after their awesome grand wedding.

Fortebet Uganda Diva the Bawse

However, where exactly does this leave Alikiba? This is because many saw a very humble, calm and loving husband in the singer but instead, now it is the opposite… Does this take us back to this quote “Do not judge a book a book by its cover”… As they normally say that birds of the same feathers flock together, we can, therefore, confirm that Alikiba and Diamond are of the same feathers. This evident through the posts seen on Diva the Bawse’s social media.

Diva the Bawse and Alikiba
Alikiba’s Side chick Diva the Bawse

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“we will continue official since you sent people we have done everything behind, so many since I moved away. to do what you do cause I end up things with you, call me kagagula call me whatever” diva the bawse said

She went ahead to reveal her age hmm…

“btw I’m only 31 for my birth certificate, if you tell me anything napost your videos that’s a Promise and Your Photos that’s another hit … you feel the woman is the person you would do for everything everyday I’m, not yo puppet … be stupid.” diva the bawse added.

Diva the Bawse
Diva the Bawse

“I’m tired, I told you so many times we didn’t marry I even blocked you every corner, I did things peacefully your anger sends people wonderful things but everything I have mo evidence, I respected you very much and respect what we had, if I were expired you would not be encouraging me to see me in the middle of the night and say you can’t even sleep until you see me. poor believe this” diva the bawse concluded.

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